Congratulations to Irina Shayk Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend who was recently named the cover girl of the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue for 2011.

If you have an Ipad you will be able to download the Sports Illustrated Ipad App here:

Sports Illustrated Magazine - Time Inc.

This is her 5th time in Sports Illustrated as a swim suit model for the 25 year old Russian model …..

Irina Shayk Lingerie

Irina Shayk Lingerie


Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday to Cristiano Ronaldo…. He turned 25 today. Still a long season ahead.


Cristiano Ronaldo Elephant Thong

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Former Cristiano Ronaldo WAG Neirda Gallardo keeps coming out with plenty of dish on Cristiano Ronaldo. Inlcuding her most recent revelation that Cristiano Ronaldo likes to wear an elephant thong.

Gallardo goes on to say that he was more turned on by looking at himself in the mirror and didnt fill out the elephant underwear.

“I can do three or four orgasms and he fell asleep after one.”

Ronaldo does not need this chick anymore. He has moved on. I dont care what Gallardo says, CRon is CRon. He is stll the man.


DC United vs Real Madrid August 9 2010

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If you are hoping to catch of Reald Madrid along with Cristiano Ronaldo as they make their US pre-season tour. You can possibly catch Cristiano Ronaldo in Washington DC as they visit Washington DC to take on DC United. Here is their schedule from the Real Madrid Press Kit. This is a very detailed schedule and best chance to catch of glimpse of these stars if you are in the US.


Saturday 8 August

09:00 h.


: Breakfast

11:30 h.:


Departure from Toronto to Washington DC

13:00 h.:


Arrival at Dulles International Airport and transfer to Sofitel Hotel

201 Waterfront Street

806 15th Street NW

Tfno: +

* Press may pick up accreditations at hotel

14:00 h.:



14:30 h.:



16:30 h.:Ask Kaká

Presentation and press conference at hotel

Assistant coach and coaching staff

17:00 h.:


Departure for training at FEDEX FIELD

18:30 h.:


Training at FEDEX FIELD (Robert F. Kennedy Memorial)

20:45 h.:


Reception at W Hotel – players

21:15 h.:


Departure of players for Sofitel Hotel

22:00 h.:



Sunday 9 August

09:00 h.:



12:00 h.:



12:30 h.:



13:00 h.:


Departure to FEDEX FIELD

15:00 h.:



Mixed zone and coach press conference

19:00 h.:


Departure from Washington Airport to Madrid

Monday 10 August

10:00 h.

: Arrival in Madrid, Barajas Airport 

: Arrival in Madrid, Barajas Airport: Arrival in Madrid, Barajas Airport

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After off loading his fleet of vehicles, Cristiano Ronaldo now has his home on the market. There are rumored to be several bids to purchase the former Manchester United player’s home.

The home is a seven bedroom house. Recent Manchester City signings Emmanuel Adebayor, Gareth Barry and Carlos Tevez have all put in bids. Also putting a bid is Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement at Manchester United Antonio Valencia. Kolo Tour is said to be the leader in bids with a bid of £5.5m. Cristiano Ronaldo’s house is said to fetch a price in the £6.0m range.


Cristiano Ronaldo Fleet of Cars for Sale

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s fleet of luxury vehicles are for sale. A man from Whithaven recently purchased Cristiano’s Mercedes 220 CDI.

“I wasn’t really in the market for a new car but the chance came up to buy a car from Ronaldo and I couldn’t resist,” said the new owner, who has asked not to be named. “I am a big Manchester United fan and I thought it would be a chance to own a piece of history.”

“There was a slight problem when I arrived at the house however, as they couldn’t find the car’s log book. So the agent had to call Ronaldo, in Spain, while I was there so they could locate the book!”

The cars are being sold on Autotrader through a consultancy group. If you look for them you will probably find them on Autotrader.

Here are Ronaldo’s list of vehicles for sale:

Bentley GT Speed

Porsche 911 Carrera 2S Tiptronic

Mercedes C220 CDI runabout.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo, which was tuned by Techart and cost £75k when new. It sold for £35,000.

Looks like there are some bargains.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s press conference in Ireland while Real Madrid is in training before the season starts.

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Cristiano Ronaldo with Raul in Sporno

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Sporno is the a sports picture that looks just like a pornographic act. Cristiano Ronaldo is often caught in such acts like this on with Raul. Enjoy.

Courtesy of The Spoiler

Courtesy of The Spoiler

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Check out this video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s first day at Real Mardid’s Bernabeu.


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